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Advertising & Sponsorships





* All Ads run from the 1st of the month through the last day of the month


* IN ORDER TO KEEP OUR ADS AT SUCH LOW RATES .... we do NOT provide Analytics.  We do not have the manpower and hours to pull this data, so in exchange we offer exceptional rates.  OUR MONTHLY AD RATES ARE VERY LOW.  There are not many websites out there that compete with our exclusive USA only half marathon market and our calendar remains the most up to date half marathon calendar in the USA of any half marathon calendars on the web.


* Ads do not rotate - they are 100% your ad during your paid timeframe, and the ad will link to your website and will open in a new window. Each ad is one specific ad location that you choose (based on availability).  All ads are a fixed monthly price. (discounted options are available for multiple month purchases - see pricing options below).


NOTE: If you purchase google ads, I guarantee you they are going to be visible all over our website if you are using any type of half marathon keywords.  Why pay $150 for less than a week with google, when you can have our half marathon "targeted" spot "exclusively" for an entire month for that?  The investment is a no brainer. Target an exclusive running and USA half marathon market without your competition clicking on your google ads to hike up your cost.


* No ad is reserved until purchase is made.  The spot is available for anyone to purchase until actual payment is made.  Once payment is received your spot will be officially reserved.


Advertising options vary from Fifty States HALF Marathon Club Main Site, Halfmarathonsearch.com half marathon calendar site and half marathon calendar pages Search by State and Search by Month, and Half Marathon Blogs across the US (we have a Half Marathon Blog for every state).


Ad Sizes & Format


Ads on Halfmarathonsearch.com

728 x 90 Top Leaderboard (Top ads and optional size for bottom ad as well)

160 x 600 Side Skyscrapers (side ads)

336 x 280 The large square ads that appear on some of our main pages


Ads on Halfmarathonclub.com 

All ad slots on the Fifty States Half Marathon Club site are a flat $100 / month at this time. These spots can not be moved.  This does not include the half marathon calendar pages that are currently being converted to the Halfmarathonsearch.com Calendar site.  This is only referring to the club pages.


Ads can be in format jpg, png, or gif  (any other format must be pre-approved).

Any other size ad must be pre-approved.


Please review all of the various ad options and prices.  Prices vary depending on which web pages you are looking to advertise on.  


For AVAILABILITY of ad space, questions, or to move forward with a purchase, please contact the Sales Representative who initially reached out to you.  If you have not been contacted by one of our Sales Representatives, please contact Nicole Blomgren at Nicole@halfmarathonclub.com


More details are provided for each option when you click on the images below.