1 Year Annual Dues PLUS $10.00 LATE FEE FOR ALL MEMBERS PAST DUE ($27.50 + $10.00 + $1.65 online processing fee) click to view Policy

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$27.50 annual dues + $10.00 Late fee + $1.65 online processing fee.

For members not on the club Paypal Subscription auto-renewal, I send a courtesy reminder at the beginning of each month, for members due in that month that are not on auto-renewal.  However, members are responsible for keeping track of their annual due dates.  Due dates can easily be found by logging into member portal and clicking Member Totals & Due Dates tab.


(If you don't want the hassle of remembering your annual due date every year, you may want to choose the 5 year dues option, or Life Membership dues option).


Those that ignore this responsibility add a ton of extra work for myself, leaving me in a position to have to send out late notices, termination notices, etc, and gets very time consuming and stressful.  Also for those that joined around a holiday,.... if holidays tend to be a stressful time for you, and you feel you may get busy or side-tracked, please pay a couple weeks prior to the holiday date you joined on or around.  Otherwise, I get stuck sending out late notices around the holidays, and am made to feel guilty, and have received emails hinting that I should be obligated to allow the individual to be late because they are leaving for the holiday, or busy around the holiday.  This is not fun, nor is it fair to myself or other members that pay on-time, or pay a late fee for being late.



You will be assessed at $10 late fee, due to the extensive extra work needed to put in manually for those that ignore the request to set yourself up a reminder, and end up paying late.  Online reminders work great.


If no payment and/or response is made to late notice, a termination notice & account deletion email will be sent out shortly after.  Membership will then be terminated and account completely deleted after termination notice.  Once account is deleted, individuals would then need to rejoin the club as a brand new member, start from scratch in "earning complimentary awards", and pay the joining fee.  Thank you.


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