One Time Joining Fee $79.00 Plus $10.00 processing Fee choosing to bypass standard subscription method =$89.00

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The STANDARD One Time Joining Fee is currently $79.00.  Members can join using the club Paypal Subscription that interacts with the club Member System at this link:


IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO LOG INTO PAYPAL OR USE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT.... you can pay HERE, at club store, by credit card, with a processing fee, and I will create your entire account manually.  For all new members that use one of the options below instead of going through the Paypal membership subscription, which automatically creates your account in the club member system (member portal), there is a processing fee of $10.00.  I will create your account manually and send you your log-in information to the member portal where members obtain discounts, etc. I will then personally send out a pre courtesy reminder each year for dues.   ALSO IMPORTANT:  Since you are not going through our standard enrollment process through the system, Please fill out the MEMBER INFORMATION FORM so I can create your member account, which will then give you access to the member portal, discounts, member upcoming races calendar, etc.

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