50 States Journey MAP MAGNET

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50 States JOURNEY Magnets - Oval

Heavy Duty Car Door Magnets - Made for outdoor use and strong magnetization for car use.

6" x 6".

Also, these magnets are heavy and too thick and rigid to mail as a regular 1st class letter, so unfortunately it is classified as a First Class Parcel, so if ordering solo, it will cost approximately $2.80 to ship (give or take depending on your location).  HOWEVER, since I ordered a high quantity I was able to offer these for $5.00, so it should still be a fair price with the shipping, as they are a nice size and heavy duty.


If you use these indoor, you could use permanent marker.  However if you want to keep this on your car, I recommend using a waterproof paint and let the paint dry for 48 hours before allowing it to get wet, so it does not run onto your car (if you plan to fill it in).


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